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If you hire a car in France then it is a good to know that buying petrol (Unleaded 95 is called SP95 in France) on the Autoroute (motorway) is very expensive. The cheapest place to buy petrol is at a shopping centre (Centre Commercial). Most chopping centres in France will have a petrol station. It’s also good to know that diesel (Gazole in French) is cheaper than petrol in France.

The closest petrol station to the Grenoble Airport is the Super U in Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs (this is the town where the airport is located). It is about 2 miles from the airport. Exit the airport and stay on the D154d when you get to the Route de la Chartreuse (D519c road) go left. Then go right at Route de la Gare, then left at Route de Grenoble. The petrol station is about a ¼ of a mile down this road.

If you are looking for cheap petrol near Grenoble then you might try the Leclerc in Echirolles. It’s just off the A480 going south of Grenoble. Not only is the petrol cheap, but you will get a 5 euro gift certificate with your purchase. What could be better than that?
Echirolles is about a 40 minute drive form the Grenoble Airport.

To get an idea of petrol and diesel prices in France see any of the sites below. All sites are in French:
Site du Ministère des Finances, prix des carburants, SP95, Gazole...
Comparer les prix du carburant dans votre ville !
Comparer les prix du carburant

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