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Photo of the Grenoble Airport Car Park.

There are two car parks at Grenoble Airport - P0 for dick up/drop off and P1 for longer stays. Each offers easy access for passengers as they are located directly across from the terminal. See the parking fees below for more information and methods of payment.

When entering either car park you will need to take a ticket from the machine at the entrance. Payment can be made inside the airport terminal, at arrivals/departures at one of the payment machines. You can also pay at the information desk or car park exit.
There is a grace period in between making payment and exiting the car park. When you exit the car park you will need to insert you ticket into the ticket machine.

Methods of payment:
Arrivals payment machine: Cash (€) and credit cards.
Departures payment machine: Credit cards.
Information desk: Cash (€), credit cards cheques (€)
Car park exit: Credit cards.

Car Park P0

Less than 10 minutes


10+ minutes to 1 hour


1 to 2 hours


2 to 24 hours


Each extra day


Car Park P1

Less than 30 minutes


30+ minutes to 1 hour


1+ to 2 hours


2+ to 6 hours


6+ to 12 hours


12+ to 24 hours


Each extra day


Weekend: 5pm Friday to 12am Monday: €15.00
Week: 7 days: €30.00 Month: €80.00
Season: €250.00