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Buy Tickets in Advance?

We are flying to Grenoble in January on Sunday. For the bus from airport do I have to buy tickets before online or I can buy ticket on bus when I arrive? For the train can we buy ticket at the station when arrive or do we need to book to make sure we'll get on train? Also if I buy ticket lets say for a 10.30 am bus or train and my flight is late. Do I have to buy a new ticket for later train or bus or I can use the ticket I've already bought?

For the train you don't need to buy in advance, you can buy at the train station. I believe the chances or your train being full are low. But there's still a possibility. If you do buy train tickets in advance make sure what the exchange/missed train policy is.
As for the bus, I know that with Ben's Bus you can only buy your tickets online. With Actibus, I'm not %100 sure but looking at their web site that also looks to be the case. You can only buy online. With Grenoble Altitude you can buy either online, on the bus or at the airport. There are other companies that have transfers to/from Grenoble Airport you would need to contact them to know where you can buy tickets.

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