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Grenoble Airport to Grenoble Train Station

Hi there,
I'm flying into Grenoble Airport in early April - my flight lands at 2 pm. I was planning on getting a train from Grenoble Train station to Moutiers (I'm skiing in Meribel) I've tried to look for buses that go from the airport to the station. Is there a regular bus used by locals that goes hourly that I can get or failing that do you know how much a taxi will set me back? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

Try the official airport website for a shuttle. It looks like there isn't a shuttle at 13.30 on Friday but the schedule I saw only runs until late March. The shuttle cost is listed at €12.50 for a single and €22 for a return.
For a taxi the price is about €70. There should be one there when you arrive or try this company - to reserve one

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