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Grenoble Airport to Valloire

How can we travel from Grenoble Airport to Valloire? Do you have information about train or bus connections and prices? Thank you.

For bus transfer I could only find a direct private transfer. Prices start at €383.00 per person one way. For more information please see the Transfer Intelligence website. The other solution I see is a combination bus/train. There is a bus that goes from the Grenoble Airport to the Grenoble train station. The cost is 4 euros one way and buses leave one an hour throughout the day on Saturdays. Then from Grenoble you would take a train to Valloire, the station is called St Michel Valloire. The cost is between 17€ and 20€ euros one way per person. There are trains throughout the day, one per hour but some take longer than others. You will either transfer in Lyon (longest travel time at over five hours) Chambery or Montmélian (shortest travel time at less than two hours). You don't need to make a reservation; you can buy the day you travel. From the train station in Valloire you need to take a bus. A return is 20€ or so. The site has more information. You leave from Saint Michel De Maurienne Gare Routiere and there are two stops in Valloire. I'm not sure what one you want. There look to be seven buses on Saturdays.

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