Greyline Sightseeing Tours in Manhattan

Are you planning to visit New York for a week? Or maybe you have been there before but only had enough time to check out the downtown area? That is why I want to tell you about a great way to discover Manhattan (and Brooklyn).

A week ago I returned from a one week vacation in New York. It was my second time in the Big Apple. I first visited Manhattan two years ago. Back then I visited the city with a friend, and we decided to discover the city by foot. As you probably know Manhattan is very big, so we spend the first day just walking around downtown, walking for about 12 hours straight. It was great, but when you visit the city for the first time it is easy to get lost this way, since you don’t have a feeling where things are in a city yet and how far you have to go from one place to another.

This time I visited Manhattan with my girlfriend. Since she injured her foot one week prior to our trip, she suggested taking one of the guided bus tours. And what should I say: It was a great idea. The tour provided we picked was called Greyline. It offers 4 tours (Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn and Night Tour) which you can either purchase individually or as a set. The Downtown and the Uptown tour are hop on, hop off tours, while the other two are not. The single tickets cost 45$ per tour and are valid 24 hours, while the combined ticket costs 55$ and is valid for 48 hours.

My conclusion: Buy the combined ticket and use it to get a great overview over Manhattan. It is worth every dime, and you will discover places you have never seen before. You should make sure that the weather is nice though, because bad weather can easily destroy the experience.